UI & UX Designer

I'm Ryan Higgins, a full-stack designer. Over ten years of working on digital projects has afforded me the experience of leading UX strategies, building scalable design systems for high-traffic websites, and mentoring and teaching design at the university level.


Project Details

I researched the feasibility and use cases for creating a seamless integration between apps like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and alike with an investment service. The goal is to gamify retirement, capitalizing on the growing adoption of the gig economy and culture of side hustles to earn extra money.

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Investing for the Gig Economy

Research, sketching, prototyping, and testing the possibility of integrating investments with side hustles.

WilmU.edu Website

Responsive website for Wilmington University — strategy, design, front-end development.

Project Details

Responsive website redesign for Wilmington University — UX strategy, conversion optimization, design system, ground-up rebuild of front-end framework.

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My process is indifferent to technology or organizational boundaries. The five key areas are scalable and adapt to time and budget as needed. Let’s dive in...

Define the Problem
I fall in love with the problem, not the solution.
Conduct Research
Competitor analysis, perosonas, and journey maps guide the UX strategy.
Ideattion: Diverge, Converge, and Refine
This stage brings together business units and executives to rapidly develop soutions.
Test and Revise
It's not user-centered design if you're not talking to people.
Launch and Measure
It's not as simple as flipping a switch, executing a go live plan and measuring success are critical steps.
My Process


I’ve been designing and coding interfaces for well over a decade. Building user experiences that are intuitive, relevant, and pleasurable to engage with — well that’s my goal every time a project comes my way. Creating a consistent experience for all is critical, no matter a person’s expertise, abilities, or disabilities. I’m passionate about figuring out how things work, finding the how and the why behind the way people use things, and doing it the right way no matter what.

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